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FREE Clickbank Affiliate RSS Feed Generator by written and programmed by business development and improvement expert, SEO specialist, local SEO expert and automated income website designer J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.  #FreeAffiliateMarketingTools #MakeMoreMoneyOnline 
No login required 
50% to 75% commission 
Passive time independent income 
Make more money online by working from home 
What is an RSS Feed 
RSS stands for real simple syndication. It's an easy way to get information onto your website or from a website. Internet and affiliate marketers soon discovered ways to make money online by working from home using automated methods involving RSS feeds. 
How It Works 
Sign up with Clickbank for free as an affiliate, one of the world's largest affiliate management companies., 
Fill in your Clickbank user name (ID) and the search phrase. Make it a topic you already have for your website, blog or forum to help increase your sales and increase your search engine ranking to make it easier to find you. Visit for a website if you don't have one yet. A website IS A MUST for making money long-term online by working from home. My design includes two to three streams of automated income with automated SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to make it easier to find you on the search engines. DO NOT depend on subdomains generated for free by companies.   
To pay for my time and service I get 20% of affiliate links generated while you get 80%. I also get a short statement at the end of each description announcing this service. Seems only fair. Unlike Pay Per Click advertising Clickbank vendors pay an average of 50% to 75% commission with products ranging from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars! 
Rick, Even Your Low Cost Powerful Website Design is Not in My Budget Right Now. Can You Help Me Make More Money Online Without a Website? 
Sure, but at some point in the very near future you HAVE to get a website with your own domain (website address) for future long-term income. Subdomains such as the one's companies give you are like conducting business from a hotel room. It's hard to take the business seriously. I didn't make a friends saying that, but it is the truth coming from an experienced internet marketer and website designer. 
In the meantime I can help you. I want to see you succeed. I'll list your Clickbank affiliate rss feed so it will post to one item at a time approximately everyday in order to increase stickiness to your board. You may then use the built in social media buttons to post your affiliate products to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Because my website design has notification built in, you will build a following while making money online through affiliate marketing by working from home.   
The very low cost for this is $5.00 per month . You may cancel anytime AND YOUR AFFILIATE PRODUCTS REMAIN! 
It is not necessary to spend the additional $5.00 per month to join the I Can Post group so you may promote your affiliate product even further with additional posts unless you wish to do so. 
Okay Rick, Until I Have You Make a Website for Me, This Sounds Good 
Good decision. Generate your Clickbank affiliate rss feed below 
Register with   
Email me your username for the website 
The link to your rss feed 
If you'd like a message at the end feel free to email that too. 
Check the website regularly for new posts from your username and share your affiliate products with social media using the built in social media buttons. 
Visit The FREE Clickbank Affiliate RSS Feed Generator by ListYourEbooks Webpage to make your Clickbank affilliate rss feed and start making money online today! 
If you have questions email me, Rick Kirkham   

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Glitch fixed Free Clickbank Affiliate RSS Feed Generator
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2017, 09:47:57 AM »
That's one of the problems with not collecting email addresses. I suggest you register with login and Click NOTIFY on this thread,26.0.html

Go to for your free RSS feed

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