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Free List of Forums Social Media Sites Article Submission Sites for Free Advertising and Marketing    

What Makes This Advertising and Marketing List of Forums, Social Media Sites and Article Submission Sites Different Than The List You Find On Websites?

I use it every week! Believe me when I tell you I've copied and pasted with great excitement huge lists of

Free advertising forums

Social media sites

Article submission sites

List your business directories  (Yes I have some of those for you as well)

Only to find out half or more were no good, closed down or redirected to a new website that was no help at all.

Addendum: As an example I was just going through an online list of video sharing site which stated it was for THIS YEAR! More than half of them were no good. So by sharing with you a list of marketing sites I use weekly,  I'm saving you a bunch of time and frustration!

Here's Something Else I Did and Some Advice to Save You and Me Time,140.msg150.html#.PleaseShareWithSocialGroupsByCopyingFromLinkUP
Please Share With Social Groups By Copying From Link UP

I used Google Chrome to remember the usernames and passwords for all the sites. That way if my login has timed out it takes just a couple seconds for Google Chrome to populate my username and password. I click login AND THEN…

Whenever possible the link in my advertising and marketing sites list goes directly to the submission page! The less clicks the less time busy marketers and business people such as ourselves have to spend advertising. Don't forget to interact with other members though. Prospective buyers are more likely to buy from someone they know.

Notes along the side for you and me. I don't have the greatest memory in the world and some of you may not either. The notes are good reminders as to specifics for that particular marketing and advertising website.

Google Sheet format in Google Drive! This makes accessibility from any device easy. All you need is a free Google account. If you have a Gmail account you have a Google account. It also makes it very easy for me to edit. I’m always finding new social media or article submission sites.

Comments to the Google Sheet are open. On my copy comments are open in case you have any suggestions or have discovered a closed site even before I find it.

What Types of Marketing and Advertising Sites Are On The List Rick

Free advertising forums
Social media
Public bookmarks
Backlink generators (found one really good free one)
Business listing directories
Article submission sites
Author listings for ebooks
Video and photo uploading sites

My Focus is On Permanent Backlinks

Once in a great while I post to classified sites. The problem I have with posting to them is I have to renew the ads usually about every two weeks. I’m just too busy for that and I don’t get that much of a return on classifieds to set aside time for that. Permanent links will help us with our search engine ranking and increase sales from those who find our permanent backlinks.

Some backlinks such as Facebook have nofollow tags. That means it doesn’t necessarily help with search engine ranking. It’s big enough however to help you build your mailing list and increase traffic to your own website. Here's a free tip. Facebook groups and pages can be found on the internet.  If you don't know how to make them just hire me.

Ok Rick, How Do I Get This Marketing and Advertising List?

This weekly used marketing and advertising list is free for I Can Post members of and   
Wait for the automated email to arrive with the approval link inside
Registering is easy just watch the video if you’ve never joined a forum or blog   
Click Profile
Click Paid Subscripts
Click Order
Click Order with PayPal
It’s actually pretty simple if you just watch the video

Once You Join The I Can Post Group to Any of These Websites Get Your Free Marketing and Advertising List Here By…

Go back to the forum of your choosing
Make sure you’re logged in
On ListYourEbooks click here for your FREE Marketing and Promotions List and for other free marketing tools.
On OnlineOfflinePromotions click here for your FREE Marketing and Promotions List and for other free marketing tools.

Rick can I just get my own copy of this clickable marketing list spreadsheet?

Sure. You won’t get any updates that way unless you reclick your link and create a new copy in your Google Drive, but it’s $9.95

To post to is only $5.00 per month for permanent advertising. That means your marketing is not deleted when you leave. The same for and that’s only $2.00 per month for permanent advertising.

As long as you’re members of one of the forum style websites with LOADS of free advertising tools you have access to an up to date version of this constantly updated marketing list.

Advertise and market smart.


J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.


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