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Wouldn’t you be better off listing your ebook on a website whose manager has a background in sales-psychology? YES, you are the expert when it comes to your ebook. It’s a sales experts job to get other people to feel the same passion you feel for your ebook! I’d be happy to offer sales tips. Even a single change in a single phrase could make a difference. I actually made quite a little income tweaking sales pages on Fiverr. Until I got so busy with orders I couldn’t work on my own websites which paid my bills and fed my family.

How Do You Think Free Sites Pay Their Bills?

That’s right. With competitive advertising taking attention away from your ebook listing. Fellow authors, I’ve been to sites like those. I’ve spent hours listing my ebooks on the free sites and watched it get funnelled down with the site’s own advertising. THAT’S WHY I DO NOT have advertising in the posting section of your site to list your ebooks. Let’s look at this another way as well. My income, depends on making you happy and increasing your ebook sales. It doesn’t depend on how many ads you click like it does on “free” sites. Wouldn’t you be better off with a friendly designed site with no ads to distract from your ebook listings?

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I Recently Told This to a Student…

“Thought, with no action, is no action at all.”

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J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

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